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Leader as Team Coach

A program designed to flex your team coaching leadership in a virtual, in-person or hybrid environment.


“COVID-19 is accelerating a shift to hybrid work models, which requires a fundamental change in the skills team leaders need to succeed.”​


Program details
Leader as Team Coach Fundamentals Program 

How do you take your team from surviving to thriving? If it’s already thriving, how do you sustain it?


The implications for the future of team leadership are profound. More than ever before, leaders need to collaborate – with their teams, stakeholders, cross-functionally and across the organisation. In a hybrid, virtual or in-person model, engaging a team around decision-making, innovation or simply getting stuff done is crucial. Being able to create a psychologically safe environment where the team can share their ideas as well as commit to their tasks is the hallmark of a great coaching team leader.


There has been a fundamental shift in what is now being called upon for team leaders to do their job well. In this new and changing environment, an effective team leader requires patience, understanding, compassion, strong organisational skills, the ability to express in their authority, the ability to listen and the knowing of when and how to respond.


The Leader as Team Coach program has been designed to ignite and inspire these qualities in coaching team leaders, leading to a more harmonious team environment through genuine engagement and interactions regardless of the organisation model, culture or context. The teachings in this program are of a universal nature and will support coaching team leaders to work with greater clarity, confidence and ease.


“The way in which a group of people come together and work together will always determine the quality of what they produce.”

Tammy Turner, CEO Turner International

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Program Structure 

This 12-hour program will be held for 3 hours fortnightly for 4 sessions. Each virtual session will be experiential in nature and offer both the theory and opportunity to work with the materials to begin embedding the content. The program will cover the following:


Fundamentals which will be covered

  • What is the role of leader as team coach?

  • When and why do you coach the team​?

  • What helps and hinders team efficacy? 

  • How to flex your team coaching leadership in a virtual, in-person or hybrid environment.

  • How to establish and work with team purpose​

  • How to nurture team relationships


Techniques you’ll learn for immediate application​

  • Reaching shared team outcomes and responsibilities

  • Teaming and psychological safety

  • Effectively communicating with team members, teams and stakeholders

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement

  • Enhancing team motivation through connection

  • Hosting impactful team meetings – virtually or in-person

Tools and models

  • Three-factor RAA model (Responsibility, Accountability and Authority)

  • Contracting for shared outcomes

  • Psychological safety

  • Meeting planning to achieve team purpose

  • Decision making

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