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Turner International

Providing Specialist Support for Organisations & Coaches

Including ICF and EMCC Accredited Training.


Team Coaching Training

Enrol in an upcoming course to extend your team coaching capability. Further develop the skills required to help teams become more effective at any level within an organisation.


This virtual course is being facilitated by Tammy Turner, Craig McKenzie and David Clutterbuck, internationally renowned leaders in team coaching.


Find out more about this course here.

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About us

Turner International works with all levels of organisational systemic change in both the private and public sectors. We support governmental agencies, not-for-profits and corporates to not only redefine the way we work together, but to make this a lived way for all. We co-create inclusive solutions to cultivate better decisions, healthier workplaces, relational responsibility and sustainable growth.

As a global consultancy with decades of experience in the field of organisational change, facilitation, team and leadership coaching and leader as team coach programs, we partner with clients sharing our skills and expertise to co-create organisations of the future through a universal framework. Our methodology inspires cohesive decision-making and shared responsibility and outcomes, allowing for fresh perspectives that re-ignite organisations and their people. 

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Team and Group Coaching - Passing Trend or Passing You By?

Watch Tammy deliver a keynote address at the Global Team Coaching Institute.

We are committed to meaningful change. Change that is long term, for the benefit of the people we serve; and the environment that surrounds and sustains us.

~ Tammy Turner, CEO, Turner International
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Team Coaching

and Embedding Decision Making

Covid 19 has fundamentally changed the way teams are making decisions. Never before has collaboration been more needed within organisations.


Our systemic approach to team coaching and embedding decision-making is based on understanding what the team does well and expanding on their processes. This allows a natural flow for ease of accountability and influence within the organisation.


We’ve studied these changes to better understand what teams and organisations have learned during this time of uncertainty and change. You can download this study which includes tips on how to embed decision-making here.


Turner International supports teams to learn better together. If you’d like to work with us get in touch at



"Since 2014, Turner International has provided team and individual coaching, HR as coach training, difficult conversations coaching, leadership development and other services both in person and virtually. The team has worked with the CEO and executive team, individual leaders, team leaders and human resources professionals. Turner International has delivered consistent quality services aligned with our business objectives. We would recommend their services."

Marie Scotson | GM - People & Culture, Baptcare