To be viable and have long-term efficacy, organisational learning must equal or be greater than the speed of environmental change (Reginald Revans, 1982). Change is relentless and leaves those who are inflexible to it behind. For today’s organisations to thrive, individuals, leaders and teams need the ability to ‘team’ to solve problems from a dynamic perspective. In order to work cross-culturally, attract and retain talent, deliver products and services to end users and gather stakeholder requirements, organisations are required to have organic learning at the core of everything they do. The ability to work comfortably with multiple teams across an organisation, requires in-the-moment organic learning. 

    Boards & Executive Teams

    The primary role of a corporate Board of Directors is to protect the shareholder’s assets and ensure they receive a decent return on their investment. The alignment and effectiveness of the Board and its relationship with the Executive Team is critical to the competitive edge of the company. We work with Boards and Executives teams to create, maintain and regain this alignment, to craft impactful strategic agendas and to plan well to implement them. We also forge a strong working relationship the Chair and the CEO, either separately or as part of the wider team engagement.

    CEOs & C-Suite Executives

    Gaining accountability and commitment through the team, rather than as an individual leader is crucial to getting things done at a C Suite level. The pressure on CEO and C-Suite roles means that deep competence is needed in navigating the grey areas and engaging others. Executives can no longer rely on the ‘command and control’ leadership style to provide a useful model. Working in complexity requires nimbleness to balance the technical skills with mature interpersonal skills, sustaining the team and leadership of the team. Regardless of team or individual coaching, the approach is unparalleled, as evidenced in the world of sports and leading businesses. We work with CEO’s and C Suite Executives to shift their mindset from control to influence, catalysing teams around the task at hand, creating better quality outcomes, more innovative solutions and minimising pressure for all involved.

    Heads of Transformation

    New Management messages coming from Chaos theory dictate that linear mental models for strategy, growth and profitability are outdated and ineffective. We are now living in a world where reality is in a constant state of flux. Opportunities are representing themselves in unfamiliar patterns, creating uncertainty in their wake. You know if you’re not creating change, you’ve become a reactionary organisation. Tapping into the minds of your people and the resultant intellectual property are your greatest asset for competitive advantage, and survival. We help leaders charged with transformational projects through the complexities, growing their capabilities while running large programs of change.

    Leadership Teams & Project Groups

    According to the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, globalization, complexity, and disruption have perhaps contributed to an estimated 32% of organizations surveyed are striving to be more adaptable and team-centric. For over a decade, we have worked with organisations to increase the performance of their leadership teams and project groups using models from world-leading research on group and team coaching. Cross-functional learning approaches such as action and mutual learning or appreciative inquiry can catapult groups beyond where they are to where they need to be. 

    Organisational & Executive Coaches

    As a coaching professional, you want to make the greatest impact on your clients and their teams and organisations. If you are an HR professional, internal coach or external coach providing services to organisations, you fully understand the complexities of consistently delivering excellence. Since 2001, Turner International has become a recognised leader in organisational coaching supervision and coaching development. We offer team coach training, ICF Coach Mentoring for Credentialing, Coaching Supervision and ‘best practice’ programs. We role model coaching as a way of being, not just a process, a model, a leadership style or a profession.
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