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Team & Group Coaching

Systemic Team & Group Coaching

Groups and teams that work effectively together experience more unified and harmonious processes, having greater impact on a systemic level, cultivating better decisions, healthier workplaces, relational responsibility and sustainable growth.

Systemic team and group coaching engages everyone in their collective development to benefit the entire organisation. In collaboration with a qualified coach or co-coaching pair, the team or group can work through issues, agree decisions, understand purpose, establish governance, foster shared understanding and outcomes of business-as-usual challenges as well as work collectively better together to deepen their relationships with each other and their stakeholders.


This is achieved through quality interactions between people collectively sharing ideas, co-creating decisions, cross-pollinating processes and leveraging people’s unique contributions throughout the organisation.


  • Team coaching for executive, senior leadership, decision making, board subcommittee, existing or forming teams

  • Group coaching for specialist projects and better inner-workings

  • Organisational multi-team / group integration

  • In-house team coaching training



Turner International is a leading provider of team coach training with a global network of team coaches who co-create sustainable business objectives and role model collaborative leadership and respectful team interactions. Our team and group coaches are certified in ICF and EMCC Accredited Team Coaching training, holding credentials from the ICF and/or EMCC, and attend ongoing professional development, coaching supervision, and are covered by insurance. Over our 20+ years of experience, we have had the privilege of coaching nearly 100 teams and groups across a wide range of industries, including renewable energy, healthcare, aged care, federal government, finance, and fast-moving consumer goods.



Organisational development 2-year cultural change initiative using systemic team coaching


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Team coaching and teams of teams integration

Executive leadership team coaching

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