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Team Coaching Essentials for Leaders

Being able to create a psychologically safe environment where the team can share their ideas as well as commit to their tasks is the hallmark of a great coaching team leader.

Our in-house Team Coaching Essentials for Leaders training covers:

  • Defining the role of leader as team coach

  • Flexing your team coaching leadership

  • Effective communication with team members, teams and stakeholders

  • Reaching shared team outcomes and responsibilities

  • Hosting impactful team meetings – virtually or in-person

Program Overview

The Team Coaching Essentials for Leaders program is delivered in a hybrid, virtual or in-person organisation. Participants learn to engage a team around decision-making, innovation or simply getting stuff done collectively. More than ever before, team leaders need to collaborate – with their teams, stakeholders, cross-functionally and across the organisation. In this new and changing environment, an effective team leader requires patience, understanding, compassion, strong organisational skills, the ability to express in their authority, the ability to listen and the knowing of when and how to respond.

This program has been designed to ignite and inspire these qualities in coaching team leaders, leading to a more harmonious team environment through genuine engagement and interactions regardless of the organisational model, culture or context.


Turner International's newest program is designed for leaders who have already undergone executive coaching, team leadership training, or leader-as-coach training. Our Team Coaching Essentials for Leaders program will equip team leaders with the tools and knowledge to guide their team towards collective decision-making, running effective meetings, and working seamlessly across your organisation. With these valuable skills, team leaders gain the confidence and capability to lead their team to effectively reignite and to work cross-functionally. Though this program can be completely customised for your specific requirements, our current design features either an in person, virtual or hybrid delivery around these elements:

  • Session 1: Exploring the fundamentals of team coaching   

  • Session 2: Engaging your team around decision making  

  • Session 3: Dealing with conflict 

  • Session 4: Nurturing team relationships



Elevating team leaders with team coaching skills for promotion, inventive ideation, and enterprise-wide through leader-as-team-coach training


Case study concept – stand alone leader-as-team coach program

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