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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development supports leaders to identify and target areas of focus and development in their leadership and their approach to working with others within an organisation. This is often as part of a leadership development program and may include individual or peer coaching to embed the program learning and ensure the outcomes are immediately applicable to the leader’s job. This may also include 360 or other forms of feedback to support the leader’s self-awareness. 

Every individual forms a key part of a bigger picture plan within the organisation. Through leadership development, individual leaders make the learning personal to become even more purposeful in leading their teams and adding organisational value.


  • Facilitated learning, world cafes, action learning groups

  • Various training programs toward leadership, leading and developing teams

  • Individual development including diagnostics, feedback and coaching

  • Embedding leadership development or coaching training



When it comes to Leadership Development, Turner International collaborates closely with your team to ensure that any existing organisational requirements and previous training are seamlessly integrated into the new intervention. We provide specially designed or adapted programs we’ve previously offered that promote a collaborative learning environment. 

In addition to standard leadership development style training, we offer facilitated conversations including in the moment feedback, ICF Competency based Internal Coach and Team Coaching programs and world café style workshops. We have established partnerships with third-party vendors to offer a complete and comprehensive solution.



Leadership development interrupted by hostile takeover


Bespoke ICF Certified Advanced Leader as Coach Training


Leadership development

during growth

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