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Bringing Alchemy to Team Coaching

Study with us to access EMCC and ICF Accredited training delivered by experts in the field


Our recommended study pathway.


Starting point for anyone wanting to become a team coach or Accredited Practitioner 

EMCC Accreditation


Community Learning Group

On-going peer learning for team coaches.

Join the Community.

Professional Team Coaching Supervision

Enrich your work with

teams and groups in a reflective learning environment.

Senior Practitioner

Deeply embedding your team coaching practice and take your team coaching toward mastery.

EMCC Accreditation


In partnership with Clutterbuck Coaching and Mentoring International (CCMI) and an international faculty to deliver world-class training.

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According to Senior Leadership Teams: What It Takes to Make Them Great, of 120 leadership teams studied across the globe, 42% performed poorly, 37% delivered mediocre performance and only 21% delivered outstanding results. (Forbes online, 2021) 


Team coaching is “A facilitated process that enables an organised group of people the opportunity to experience how to learn together through honest dialogue and consistent reflection to enhance both themselves and the system.”  Tammy Turner, Team Coaching Handbook (2019)


Organisations of the future rely on 9 key attributes which enable their people, the community, the environment as well as sustaining their commercial well-being. More than ever before, leaders need to collaborate – with their teams, stakeholders, cross-functionally and across the organisation. In a hybrid, virtual or in-person working environment, engaging a team around decision-making, innovation or simply getting stuff done is crucial. Yet many leaders do not have the ability to create a psychologically safe environment where the team can share their ideas as well as commit to their tasks.


Team coaching integrates aspects of other disciplines and theories including systems thinking, behavioural science, psychology, psycho dynamic analysis, systems theory, organisation behaviour, and organisational culture. As a professional coach, coaching or HR professional or facilitator, you are being called to ignite team leaders and members to co-create a more harmonious team environment through genuine engagement and interactions. Turner International is partnering with Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI) to offer a suite of team coaching training to take you from interest in coaching to becoming a competent and confident team coach. 

Important qualities of a team coach

  • Letting go of the need to control — going with the uncertainty and complexity (from process to experiment)​

  • Attending to not just the system, but the system of systems​

  • Being grounded personally at a high level of cognitive and socio-emotional maturity, yet able to meet the team and its members at their individual and collective levels

  • Acceptance of being “wrong” much of the time and/or not knowing where the session is going ​

  • Shifting from a focus on solutions to a focus on learning​

  • Helping the team move through individual self-awareness to collective self-awareness

  • Strong reflective practice including supervision to understand bias and build critical reflexivity​

  • Ability to hold multiple perspectives and contracting skills​

  • Proven background working with groups​

  • Nimbleness using a wide range of tool​

  • Comfortable in working with another team coach​

  • Appropriate training for team and group coaching


Source: Turner, T. Introduction to Teaming (2019)

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Listen to how team coaching training can benefit your practice 

Listen to this recording to find out more about our team coaching practitioner and senior practitioner part 1 programs​.

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Supporting materials from the session

Difference between team coaching and other modalities

Download these slides to learn about the difference between team coaching and other modalities


“Deep knowledge and mastery of the skills and techniques, robust programme management and professional facilitation. Well balanced with theory, teaching and practical experiential learning. Worth the time effort and a solid investment.”


“[The Program] is super challenging and really grows your awareness and skills. [It] requires vulnerability and a commitment to sit in process. [It has] been a game changer and shifted me as a coach. Love love love!!!”


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