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Tammy Turner is a highly sought-after speaker and panelist. Tammy has spoken on psychological safety, systemic team and group coaching, collaborative decision-making and leadership in many organisations around the world.


She has been a keynote speaker and panelist at a number of international conferences on co-creating learning organisations, team coaching, business agility, leadership and executive coaching. She has recorded podcasts on psychological safety, team and group coaching, supervision, diversity, inclusion and well-being and decision-making.


All speaking engagements engage, inspire, offer practical application and will be customised to your specific requirements. Each presentation includes complimentary materials such as slides, handouts and articles that support embedding core concepts within the organisation.



Podcast 1:
Leading and managing distributed teams

  1. What is a distributed team? Why is it critical to learn to work in this way?

  2. How can leaders ensure they are supporting staff during WFH and hybrid conditions?

  3. How do leaders balance the WFH agenda with getting things done in an inclusive way?

Podcast 2:

Co-creating and maintaining psychological safety

  1. What is psychological safety?

  2. Why is it different from trust?

  3. Why is it crucial to co-create with your team?

  4. What’s the link between psychological safety and resiliency?

  5. How do the team and/or leaders ensure the psychological safety with WFH staff?

Podcast 3:
Decision making with a distributed team 

  1. What is the impact of reduced capacity in decision making?

  2. How do leaders ensure they are meeting the varying needs of their staff while WFH? AND from a decision-making perspective?

  3. How do leaders continue to empower people to be thought-leaders and decision-makers with a scattered workforce?

3 Factor RAA Model


Getting things done efficiently using subtle differences between responsibility, accountability and authority and the impact to culture.

RAA model 5 min overview
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