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The Team Coaching Casebook

A coaching industry first

Bringing together 37 authors & team coaching experts from around the world to present a series of case studies direct from the industry today.


The Team Coaching Casebook

By: David Clutterbuck, Tammy Turner, Colm Murphy


Drawing together 23 cases from multiple theoretical perspectives and industries from team coaching practitioners from across the globe, this book: 

  • Includes the experiences, insights and learning of team leaders and team members as well as the team coaches with quotes and data from each engagement 

  • Offers insight into the original need for the team coaching in each case study

  • Explores how the team relates to itself, its stakeholders and the wider system

  • Explains how the team coach or coaches engaged with the team detailing the specific practices the team coach used and the outcomes achieved

These features make it a fresh and valuable source of insight and reflection for both novice and experienced team coaches, team leaders, organisational sponsors, and buyers of team coaching.

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Practitioners Handbook of Team Coaching.
The Practitioner's Handbook of Team Coaching

Edited by David Clutterbuck, Judie Gannon, Sandra Hayes, Ioanna Iordanou, Krister Lowe, and Doug MacKie

The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching provides a dedicated and systematic guide to some of the most fundamental issues concerning the practice of team coaching. 



It seeks to enhance practice through illustrating and exploring an array of contextual issues and complexities entrenched in it. With team coaching assuming an even more prominent place in institutional and organisational contexts, the book is bound to become an indispensable resource for any coaching training course, as well as a continuing professional development tool.

Coaching and Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

By Tatiana Bachkirova, Peter Jackson, David Clutterbuck 


The new edition of this indispensable book provides insights into the role of supervision and a fresh perspective on the fundamentals of the discipline. Coaching supervision is now widely recognised as essential to effective coaching and professional development of coaches. This book uncovers current research and explains the established ideas for practice. It also: 

• Contains a comprehensive overview of coaching supervision, from both theoretical underpinnings to practical guidance on different perspectives and approaches

• Allows both students of coaching and experienced coaches to compare approaches and develop their own, unique ways of being supervised

• Supports supervisors in planning their own developmental journey towards a more integrated, evidence-based practice

• Includes leading thinkers from across the field and many emerging authorities

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Coaching Tools

The complete handbook of tools, techniques, experiments and frameworks for personal and team development By: Jonathan Passmore (Editor), Claudia Day (Editor), Julie Flower (Editor), Maggie Grieve (Editor), Jelena Jovanovic Moon (Editor)

Coaching Tools is a substantial reference manual for professional business coaches. This unique book provides comprehensive coverage of over 200 coaching tools, techniques and experiments. Written and edited by over 90 professional coaching contributors, the book brings together a wealth of experience, providing a unique compilation of practitioners' favourite tools including some of the most respected names in the field: Marshall Goldsmith, Peter Hawkins, Richard Boyatzi, Iona Boniwell, Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Tammy Turner, Siegfried Greif and Reinhard Stelter. Fully illustrated in colour, each tool is presented in a simple to use step-by-step guide, making this an essential contribution to every coach's personal library.

Fully illustrated in colour, each tool is presented in a simple to use step-by-step guide, making this an essential contribution to every coach's personal library.

Peer Supervision in Coaching and Mentoring

By Tammy Turner, Michelle Lucas and Carol Whitaker

Supervision is increasingly required for a coach’s and a mentor's professional development, and engaging in reflective practice with peers can be a valuable way of meeting these needs. Peer supervision brings unique challenges though, including the possibility of collusion or stagnating at a shared developmental level.


This book is written by practicing professional supervisors who engage in peer supervision themselves and train communities of coaches and mentors. It guides practitioners to develop and integrate their range of individual and group reflective practice activities alongside professional supervision. It draws upon essential theory and methodology, explores challenges and ethical dilemmas faced within peer supervision, and provides concrete guidance, useful techniques and helpful templates.


This practical guide will be vital reading for individual coaching and mentoring practitioners and peer learning groups including within communities, universities and/or training programs. It will also support professional supervisors and organizations developing coaching cultures.

Systemic Coaching Delivering Value Beyon
Systemic Coaching
Delivering Value Beyond the Individual

By Peter Hawkins, Eve Turner

Hawkins and Turner argue that coaching needs to step up to deliver value to all the stakeholders of the coachee, including those they lead, colleagues, investors, customers, partners, their local community and also the wider ecology. Systemic Coaching contains key chapters on how to contract in various settings, how to work relationally and dialogically, how to expand our own and others’ ecological awareness, how to get greater value from supervision, work with systemic ethics and expand our impact. While illustrating why a new model of coaching is necessary, Hawkins and Turner also provide the tools and approaches that coaches and clients need to deliver this greater impact, accompanied by real-life case examples and interviews from the authors and other leading coaches and leaders globally.

Systemic Coaching will be an invaluable resource for coaches in practice and in training, mentors, coach supervisors, consultants in leadership development and HR and L&D professionals and leaders.

Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific

Edited by Anna Blackman, Derrick Kon and David Clutterbuck

Coaching and mentoring as management approaches have spread rapidly across the Asia Pacific region. Basic concepts of supporting people in their learning, in their career journeys, and in the acquisition of wisdom are deeply rooted in all cultures, yet today, there is little agreement about what constitutes good practice.


Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific is the first book to put coaching and mentoring into an Asia Pacific context – exploring the challenges, benefits and differences in application, both in concept and practice. Opening with a foreword from Anthony Grant, this book provides commentaries and practical case studies from a wide variety of countries, sectors and perspectives. The authors show how organizations in the Asia Pacific Region can make effective use of this powerful developmental tool, in cost-effective, culturally relevant ways.



This book will be invaluable reading for students and practitioners based in, planning to work in, or curious about coaching and mentoring in the Asia Pacific.

Coaching Supervision
A Practical Guide for Supervisees

By David Clutterbuck, Carol Whitaker and Michelle Lucas 

Just like the coaching relationship, supervision is most successful when it is a collaborative endeavour, with both parties clear on their roles and the process. Coaching Supervision is an intensely practical book providing guidance on when, why and how to seek supervision, and on how coaches can make the most of the supervision they receive.


Written by experienced supervisors who have a deep understanding of the field, and drawing on research into good practice internationally, this book:

  • Explains what supervision is and how it differs from other ‘helping conversations’

  • Provides a step by step approach to choosing a supervisor

  • Advises on how to structure the coach/mentor development journey

  • Explores a breadth of activities that enhance reflective practice

  • Shows how supervision is an integral element of professional coaching and mentoring


This practical guide will be vital reading for all established and trainee coaches and mentors participating in the supervision process, either as supervisors or supervisees.

101 Coaching Supervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries & Experiments

Edited by Michelle Lucas

This book locates 101 practical coaching supervision techniques in their theoretical context. It is organised into ten chapters, each reflecting a different philosophical basis for the coaching supervision work: Existential, Gestalt, Person Centred, Positive Psychology, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused, Systemic, Thinking Environment, Transpersonal and finally an Eclectic chapter.


With contributions and insights from leaders in the field, this book outlines the different philosophies and their principles and explains their application in practice. The book will help readers determine which technique to use and when, as well as offering a step-by-step guide to implementing or adapting it for their own work. With a breadth of techniques, the book will help all supervisors broaden their repertoire and ultimately become a better practitioner.



Accessible and practical, this book is a valuable resource for experienced and novice supervisors as well as their supervisees. It will inspire them to keep their supervision and coaching practices both current and fresh, offering a diverse range of techniques to experiment with.

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