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Coach Mentoring

Coach mentoring is a specialised modality which reviews the coach’s ability to use coaching processes and approaches within a session consistently over time to advance the client.


Please note: if you are not seeking to apply with the ICF, you’re welcome to come to mentoring to advance your overall coaching capability.


Please contact us to find out more.

ICF Mentoring for Credentialing Purposes

Turner International is committed to enhancing coaching capability and capacity. If you are applying for the International Coaching Federation Credential at any level, we have both individual and group options that will suit your needs.


Since 2013 we have mentored hundreds of coaches, receiving glowing feedback and repeat clients. The mentor coach will do their best to prepare you for the ICF credentialing process, however we cannot guarantee your gaining an ICF credential.

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Overall Process

The coach mentoring relationship is designed by both the mentor coach and mentee(s) and may be refined to suit. Although we are committed to your success, you will ultimately be responsible for action taken, or not taken, throughout the process. The mentor coach’s assessment of an individual’s coaching is independent of the ICF as a professional accreditation body.

Regardless of the mode, as a result of the mentoring, you will


  • Gain an in-depth understanding and application of the 11 ICF Core Competencies

  • Receive and learn from targeted feedback about your coaching

  • Develop yourself as a coach through reflective practice

  • have at least one recording ready for submission


Our mentors create a learning environment where you feel supported to stretch yourself. All mentors have many years mentoring experience, role model coaching through live demonstrations and through providing in the moment suggestions and tips. The mentor will meet the ICF requirement of being above or at the same level as the applicant. The feedback you receive will be both useful and directly applicable to your daily work.

My mentors were amazing- their depth of knowledge and ability to communicate it was powerful. They created a safe environment that really stretched me and took my coaching to a whole new level. I now feel confident to apply for my accreditation.


Penny Anatoush

Types of Mentoring

Individual mentoring


Individual mentoring is the most tailored and specific form of mentoring. All coaches must receive a minimum of 3 hours individual mentoring of the 10 hours required prior to their application submission. In this dedicated space you will bring recorded sessions of your work and receive specific feedback to catapult your coaching to a new level. You may be given the opportunity to coach or be coached by your coach mentor, if useful.


Many Master Certified Coach (MCC) applicants prefer this type of mentoring due to their unique requirements. However, individual mentoring can suit any level of applicant. Turner International also offers a hybrid program for ACC and PCC applicants or MCC applicants.


You can book a free consultation to see what best suits you here.

Hybrid group & individual mentoring

Within a fewer than 10-person group, this type of mentoring provides a supportive multi-person forum where the coach will receive feedback from all group members as well as their coach mentor.
Group mentoring provides the unique opportunity to learn from hearing others’ coaching.
Our hybrid programs combine both coach mentoring and reflective practice, to help you discover your unique voice and coaching style.
You can find out more about our coach mentoring pathway program here:

My mentors pushed my boundaries, challenged my
thinking, and provided constructive feedback - all in a way that made me know they were by my side wanting me to be successful. That only comes from great experience, knowledge and kind hearts. I aspire to be the coaches that they are. Thank you!

Jacquie Stephens, PCC


Turner International Enterprises Pty Ltd will not be liable for any claims or damages arising from any errors or inaccuracies in the material and/or mentoring associated with your application for an ICF credential. 


At this stage, ICF is targeting early 2022 for the launch of their new assessment competencies and anticipate a lengthy transition process. ICF Credential requirements can change from time to time. As each application is unique, to keep up to date and find out more information, head to the ICF website at:

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