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Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Leaders are accountable for meeting stakeholder expectations and achieving results. Leaders who deliver on the plan are adaptable, inclusive, well-informed, working through others and their teams to share information and responsibility.

Individual coaching is typically aimed at executives, team leaders and managers. The coach often has previous executive or industry experience. The content is often around team leadership,  influencing and leading others, managing KPI’s, setting appropriate expectations, challenging bias, fostering inclusivity and relational ways of working, engaging stakeholders and influencers, collaborating cross-functionally. We design individual coaching engagements for leaders to enhance their leadership skills and add value to their organisations. 


  • Individual, triad or pair coaching

  • CEO or team leader transitioning

  • Succession planning, future-proofing and strategic development

  • Team Coaching Essentials for Leaders Program



At Turner International we have a global network of senior coaches who bring a deep understanding of business outcomes and human connection. The leader will select their coach with confidence knowing our coaches have a minimum of 7 years coaching experience and are credentialed with ICF, EMCC or AC. They attend ongoing professional development, have coaching supervision and insurance.


Turner International has longstanding relationships with the organisations that engage our coaches with multiple years of renewed partnerships. Since 2000, we have been providing coaching, and there are few industries we haven't touched with our coaching services. As pioneers in the field, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality coaching that meets our clients' needs and drives tangible business results.



A general manager with a small team of 40, a country manager of USA-based multi-national.


A female General Manager of National Contracts for one of Australia’s largest transportation companies


CEO of a $1 billion government renewable agency, with public and private funding.

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