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Cultural Integration

Cultural Integration

Systemically impactful organisations are people focused and purpose led supporting their underlying 'why' and engaging individuals, their teams and stakeholders for a sustainable future.

Cultural integration engagements enhance the organisations'  systemic collaboration, working cross-functionally and leading teams. To ensure return on investment, designing and integrating these specific internal components requires a coordinated organisational design so that every individual’s contribution supports the plan. Reviewing the elements of the plan, alongside the organisational strategic longer-term imperatives with an external lens, can often provide a fresh approach to a more holistic systemic outcome.


  • Organisational design and development consulting

  • Teams of teams integration projects

  • Organisational culture change initiatives, including M&A

  • Embedding leadership development or coaching training



Cultural integration initiatives are frequently aimed at unifying two or more cultures, in scenarios like mergers, takeovers and acquisitions, as well as within larger organisations that have sub-teams or sub-regions, and smaller organisations grappling with multi-cultural challenges. 
To navigate the intricacies of these endeavours, Turner International collaborates with organisations to grasp the business context and objectives, assess the existing infrastructure, identify gaps, and establish a unifying and long-lasting cultural framework.



Inclusive cultural change initiative and divesture


Creating site sanity through cultural integration

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