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    Prof. David Clutterbuck

    As Co-Founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at three universities and author of over 70 books, David is at the forefront of team coach training. His book, Coaching the Team at Work stimulated the global movement for evidence-based team coaching nearly a decade ago. He is currently the lead editor of the team producing the first Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching. David demonstrates a high level of cultural sensitivity, which enables him to work in a wide range of cultures and contexts. The three key areas on which David is a leading international expert, are Mentoring and coaching; Team coaching; and Systemic talent management

    Prof. Peter Hawkins

    Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Chairman of Renewal Associates, and Emeritus Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group, is a leading consultant, coach, writer and researcher in leadership, team and board development, culture change, executive coaching and coaching supervision. He has worked with many leading organisations all over the world, co-designing and facilitating strategy reviews as well as major change and organisational transformation projects. Peter has coached boards and senior executive teams to develop their vision, values, collective leadership and strategy.

    Peter is a global thought leader in systemic team coaching, President of the Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) and director of several international programs on systemic team coaching. 

    Peter is the author of many best-selling books in the fields of team coaching, leadership and change.

    Sherwyn Singh

    Sherwyn is the founder of Hypergrowth•Buzz, a growth-consulting firm which works mainly with high-growth companies looking to ‘keep the wheels on’ as they grow and corporations reinventing themselves to remove inertia and unlock innovation.

    Sherwyn is a seasoned business coach and mentor who has held commercial roles as well as key leadership roles in HR and consulting/interim. Since 2018, he has been a Business Mentor on an expert panel serving the Premier League, English Football League and FA Cup and the football clubs they serve.  In 2017, he was approached to join a small research team collaborating on the creation of a unique, interactive ‘How to” guide to entrepreneurship which was commissioned by Deloitte and managed by Wikistrat. 

    Sherwyn has a passion for the trends affecting the world of work, the impact of the Internet of Things and the crazy world of business Start-Ups – all typical topics that he speaks and writes on when time allows. 

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