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The Team Coaching Casebook

Author Insights

Co-authors Tammy Turner, Professor David Clutterbuck and Colm Murphy speak of the recently launched The Team Coaching Casebook. The 3 part series explores:

Episode 1: Listening to the voices and choosing where to go in a team coaching session

Episode 2: Team co-coaches and the role of supervision

Episode 3: Working with similarities and differences, and with internal and external coaches

These videos will challenge you to think about the multiple factors within a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) and what you as a team coach may want to consider when working within them.

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In Conversation with Tammy

The Team Coaching Casebook draws together 23 cases from multiple theoretical perspectives and industries from team coaching practitioners from across the globe. 


These videos are a short conversation between Tammy and a selection of the chapters to highlight the authors case and lessons learnt.

Each author offers tips and suggestions for team coaches and leaders that are not included in the book.

Team Coaching for Culture Change

In conversation with Jacqueline Peters and Tammy Turner

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