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Senior Practitioner Part 2

Senior Practitioner Part 2

deeply embedding your team coaching practice.

EMCC Accreditation


Senior Practitioner Part 1

The first half of becoming an accredited senior practitioner

Part 1 & 2 required for accreditation


For individual coaches with no previous team coaching experience, HR professionals or coaching leaders 


(not a pre-requisite for Practitioner)



Starting point for anyone wanting to become a team coach or Accredited Practitioner 

EMCC Accreditation


Community of Practice

On-going peer learning for team coaches.

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Program details

The Senior Practitioner Part 2 program is the final phase for team coaches who want to deeply embed their practice and become Accredited Senior Practitioner team coaches. This program aims to embed team coaching with both the practitioner and the team. Senior Practitioner Part 2 is case based and supervision based, so you will be required to have significant team coaching experience and at least one team you are coaching to participate in the learning. This program covers:

  • Taking authority as a team coach and working alongside a co-coach and team leader

  • Maximising inner team and inner organisational engagement

  • Using case studies to examine your work, practicing team coaching, receiving feedback and supporting your peers to embed their team coaching capabilities

  • Working with Complex Adaptive Systems using case studies

  • Enhancing PERILL model concepts across an organisation, using organisational design

  • Working with the forces acting on a team and supporting them to engage across the organisation

  • Being comfortable with conflict and using it productively with teams

  • Managing complex team engagements

  • Team coaching supervision


Team coaches who have completed one or more of the following certifications are eligible to enrol:

  • ​Coaching and Mentoring International (CMI) Senior Practitioner Part 1 Program Certification or

  • Alchemy of Team Coaching (ATC) Senior Practitioner Part 1 Program Certification 

Course requirements 

This program is a European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Global Team Coaching Training Quality Award (TCQA) program (TCQA20200004) and is approved for 24 (10 CC & 14 RD) International Coach Federation (ICF) Continuing Coach Education (CCE) hours as such you will have specific elements to complete. If you are interested in attaining an Accreditation, if you complete the required elements of this program you will have completed the learning requirements for the EMCC Team Coaching Senior Practitioner.


  • Team to practice on during the program – could be a pro-bono team such as a school or church committee, on-going team, not-for-profit or agile teams, etc. Does not need to be a ‘typical’ paying client, rather a team that will benefit from your learning how to team coach; preferably with a co-coach. 

  • Preferred – team coaching with a co-coach on your or their practice team. Opportunities can be for you to pair up with someone from the course. 

  • 4 hours pre-work prior to program commencement, including case study development, team coach development plan and team development plan

  • 2x reflective essays about yourself as a team coach and a team coaching engagement 

  • Anticipate 1 – 2 hours in between course sessions for preparatory work

Facilitators and Guest Presenters

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David is at the forefront of team coach training. His book, Coaching the Team at Work stimulated the global movement for evidence-based team coaching nearly a decade ago. 

As a professional coaching supervisor, mentor and trainer, Tammy Turner generously shares her wisdom and real-world experience appealing to novice and experienced practitioners alike.

Craig has extensive international experience designing and delivering ICF and EMCC credentialed coach training programs.  He is part of the Core Faculty and Head of Practicums for GTCI. He holds ICF and EMCC accreditations as a coach, team coach and supervisor


Mind-blowing. Opened up another new dimension of learning. ~ Helen Zink, New Zealand

Deep program, expect deep challenge and reflection, and to receive unexpected but extremely valuable insights that are likely to (possibly significantly) shift how you are as a team coach and how you coach in team moving forward. ~ Sonya Trau, Australia​


Thought provoking, learn by doing, dive deep. ~ Paul Tran, Singapore


Delivered virtually over 6 sessions from 4.00pm - 7.00pm pm (AEDT)

Wednesday, 12 Oct 2022

Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2022

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2022

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022 


ICF-approved 24 CCEs (10 CC & 14 RD) OR the remaining part of the EMCC Senior Practitioner Accreditation aims to ensure competency and confidence in extending coaching approaches to helping teams become more effective and develop the capability to coach themselves. 

In this experiential program, please come prepared to:

  • Embed your practice as a team coach 

  • Learn with your peers through study groups and receiving useful tips and feedback

  • Share your experience through case studies, providing insights and giving feedback

  • Extend your knowledge about team dynamics, systems, co-coaching and conflict

  • Review and advance your application of team coaching tools, processes and methodology

Course Pricing


EARLY BIRD: AU$3,432 (inc GST, closes 30 Jun 2022)

COURSE FEE: AU$3,795 (inc GST, closes 23 Sept 2022)

Read our terms and conditions.


EARLY BIRD: AU$3,120* (no GST, closes 30 Jun 2022)

COURSE FEE: AU$3,450* (no GST, closes 23 Sept 2022)

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* All international students will incur a AU$50.00 fee to cover any cross-border transaction fees.